REVIEW: Summerplace Guesthouse, Faja da Ovelha, Madeira

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If there were ever a place that should be used as a role-model for every other guesthouse, Summerplace would be the obvious choice.

Perched up a hill overlooking the shores of western Madeira, it not only serves as the perfect base for discovering the endless miles of Levadas, but offers a haven of childless peace and tranquility that would sooth even the frayest of nerves.


Summerplace welcomeSummerplace Guesthouses you to the owners’ tastefully decorated home. Five perfectly-equipped rooms lead off from a living room/dinning area, the site of Johannes’ periodical culinary feasts (a bargain at €35 for a 3-course evening meal incl. all beverages). Breakfast is enjoyed on the outside deck, overlooking pine forests and hills that plunge down towards the Atlantic Ocean; and having enjoyed one of Barry’s “full house” omelettes and/or a large selection of homemade cakes and preserves, it is quite difficult to imagine the day getting any better.

Which it does, of course, culminating with you lounging on your balcony, sipping a glass of portugese white wine (a 7dl bottle of which can be found in your minibar for a mere €6!) while watching the sun set amongst a myriad blazing colours. A sight that can be equally enjoyed while soothing your hiking muscles in the saltwater infinity pool set in an immaculately landscaped garden.

If there ever were such a place, it would definitely be The Summerplace Guesthouse!

October Holidays – Great Offers for Boston & Chicago with Swiss

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Swiss October holidays are just around the corner. And, for once, our “national” airline offers two interesting destinations at unbeatable prices:

Zürich-Boston and Zürich-Chicago for CHF 679.00!

Availabilty of both flights are depicted below:



Welcome to Colmar! Just Please Leave Before 21:00!

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Colmar is a beautiful town in Alsace, France. Its beautifully preserved old town, waterways and, of course, its many, many excellent restaurants are a favorite destination in Eastern France.

You can easily reach it by public transport…or by car, providing to plan your trip ahead!

Indeed, although Colmar offers three underground parking facilities, the two largest ones close at 21:00.

Actually, you won’t be left out in the dark to suffer snide remarks from a better-knowing spouse or the wails of tired children. You can pay. A lot! A flat-charge of 23 Euros (on top of your regular ticket, of course!).

This concerns the Parking de la Mairie and the Parking de la Place Rapp.

So, if you don’t want to interrupt your delicious evening meal to go an release your vehicle before the fated deadline, take our advice and head for parking #3, the Parking de la Place Lacarre. 10% off until 22.07.2012

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10% off all hotels booked until July 22, 2012! And that for trips taken until June 11, 2013.

Simply enter HSUMMER10 on your booking form and away you go..

South Tyrol Pics Online

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The pics from our trip to the South Tyrol are online and can be found here.

easyJet’s Winter Timetable: 6 New Routes out of Switzerland

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As of October 2012, easyJet Switzerland will be introducing 6 new destinations to its palette:

Basel – Brussels

6 times per week from 28.10

Basel – Budapest

4 times per week from 28.10

Basel – Manchester

4 times per week from 29.10

Basel-Santiago de Compostela

Twice a week from 31.10

Geneva – London Southend

3 times per week from 14.12

Geneva – Sevilla

3 times per week from 21.02

I simply wonder why they couldn’t have introduced their new routes before the Autumn holidays…

Washington, DC – Eisenhower Building

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The Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB), formerly known as the Old Executive Office Building (OEOB) and as the State, War, and Navy Building, is an office building in Washington, D.C., just west of the White House. The building is maintained by General Services Administration and occupied by the White House Office of Administration/Executive Office of the President.

It is on 17th Street NW, between Pennsylvania Avenue and New York Avenue, and West Executive Drive. The building is a U.S. National Historic Landmark. Many White House employees have their offices in this structure, which is connected to the White House by a tunnel.

Madrid – Puerta del Sol

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Budapest – February 2011

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A February long week-end to the beautiful capital of Hungary. A city trip of winds and cold, sushi, monuments, castles and a cruise on the Danube.

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